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OFFICIAL: SWED T-Shirt Release Size Request and Info.

This is the final draft for the first run. I’m trying to get an idea what size people want so please send me an email @ hairetsu (at) for requests on sizes. If i dont know you i can’t guarantee you a shirt on the first run UNLESS you PRE-Order it from my website as they may run fast.
Understand im not making shitty shirts, I have the option to make cheap shit shirts, but i want people to want to wear the shirt not only cause the dope design, but also for the comfort.
Price 25$
SPECIAL: pre-order or buy this shirt, and you can have my lp free to download.(9$ Value)
(if you bought my LP i can provide my 2 EPs for free OR my upcoming release but must provide email you used for lp purchase)

I will have the first runs guaranteed to ship by the 21st of July.


March 31st, Easter, My Bday, and My New EP Release!

Happy Easter!


I hope everyone has an awesome Easter today. Along with it being Easter, it is also my Birthday!! I turn 27 years old today, and so to celebrate such a feat, i planned to drop a EP along with it all. So that comes down to the 3rd reason for this SPAM. Please show your support and get my brand new EP called, “Well Grounded”.


   It can be found @ for just 3$


PS. If you want to REALLY give me a present for my BDAY, just Share this Album on your Facebook, Twitter and to your friends. I appreciate it!!


Track listing


1) Real Eyes ft. Beefy 02:48


2) Foolish Beings 03:23


3) A Mazed 02:41


4) GFY 03:13



Round 2 NerdcoreNow VPC(Vocal/Producer Contest) and Other Things.

First things first, I just got done at the last minute for the VPC. This time around it was a frivolity challenge, whatever that fucking means ;0 jk. Anyway, you can find Bbear and I’s track HERE. You should def go listen it and vote a 10, as that would be VERY appreciated. Also if you have time to listen the other submissions, there is alot of great songs, like YTCracker‘s/PZ and Beefy’s/Beakers Tracks.

Please Vote, but if ANYTHING go check out the 35 tracks this round, might be a solids EP worth of dope tracks!

Also My NEW EP is out “Major Tom”

This is a different feel from my LP so I hope you guys enjoy it. Just Click the Image or here to check it out!




Click the Image to Purchase the Album

Track List


Hairetsu’s B-Sides | Freesides Collection (Download for Free)

Download it for free @


Welcome to Hairetsu’s B-Side|Freesides

Thanks to Phlows and Shamrock for having a guest verse on this jewel

I was REALLY bored and didn’t wanna record my EP last night, so i just made this instead, the B-Sides to give out for free. While the mixing isn’t all there i dont really care. There was no raisin to make this, but bored. Enjoy!

Track Listing:



So the Stowned EP is on HOLD, prolly till NEXT month… guess what!!!!


I will be releasing the Major Tom EP Feb 12th as planned. I’ve kinda set aside alot of stuff for the “stowned ep”, and made some new stuff and what not for this upcoming release, “Major Tom EP”. As promised anyone that bought Hairetsu LP receives their free copy of “Major Tom EP” upon release.

Track Listing

1.  Land of the Dead (Produced by Sinima)

2. Punches (Produced by Beats Planet)

3. Tried (Produced by WHP)

4. Running (Produced by The Unbeatables)

5. LML (Produced by Tanner4105)


Exclusive New Tracks, VPC, & More!!!

First and foremost, I’ve got a new track I just did with Benjamin Bear for the Vocal/Producer Competition called, “Don’t Like, Fuck Off!” Enjoy it or fuck off :) Direct link is:

You should totally like register, and vote me and him a 10, cause while i hate competing, I hate losing too.. <3


This track is called, Land of the Dead, it will be included with my EP “Stowned” that is due to be released on Feb. 12th 2013! Enjoy! 

Now of coarse i said MORE! so for this more area im gonna fill it with bullshit that means nothing to you like this. Just kidding… As I have stated my EP is going to release the 12th of February. Anyone that has bought my LP prior to it’s release gets the EP for free. My way of giving back :) Happy 2013


New Update, Links to Purchase and Listen to the Hairetsu LP, + Special Offer :O

So Last Tuesday around 5am EST I got around to finally getting a the 600+ MB album uploaded to the respectable places that would distribute my album(all while dealing with post modern Internet speeds… not fun). Since then i’ve been in the midst of thinking what my next project will be.

By Feb, If all goes to plan(which i so hate following a lot…) Tanner and I are collaborating on an EP which i plan to give Free to ANYONE and EVERYONE that has bought, or buys my LP.  If you havn’t bought the lp then you must buy the EP. This Upcoming EP will showcase a bit nerdier side of me than the LP, so i’m sure some will enjoy :)

Shortly thereafter i wanna be releasing a Mixtape, and all within this some videos for you guys to feast on.

Links to listen to Hairetsu LP/Buy my LP are Below

Hairetsu – Hairetsu LP (2013)





Mixing/Mastered by: Tanner4105


Front: Blare

Back: Cpost

Production by the following:

1. Intro (Prod. by: Beats Planet)
2. Dayz ft $hamrock (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
3. Friends I’ve Worked With (Prod. by: Marco Blyze)
4. Used 2 (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
5. Right Plan (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
6. Tired (Prod. by: Sinima Beats)
7. 420 (Prod. by: Diamond Style)
8. Alone (Prod. by: Sound Trick)
9. Story (Prod. by: Millionaire Music)
10. Outlaw (Prod. by: Beats Planet)
11. Stop Me Now ft. Dcrack (Prod. by: Beats Planet)
12. Jimmy (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
13. Heidi (Prod. by: Evelution Beats)
14. Funeral (Prod. by: Beats Planet)
15. All In (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
16. Hip-Hop ft. MC Lars (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
17. Embrace It ft. Beefyness & ytcracker (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
18. Dad (Prod. by: Allrounda Productions)
19. Outro (Prod. by: Beats Planet)


Hairetsu LP OFFICIAL Release on Bandcamp

Links will come for itunes/spotify/amazon but for now you can check it out on bandcamp :)